Humanscale Healthcare's M/Flex™ Monitor Support to Appear at HIMSS12

Uniquely Scalable Monitor Arm System Works to Support 1 to 12 Monitors


Karen Brooking

NEW YORK — Humanscale Healthcare will showcase the M/Flex complete monitor arm system at the 2012 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Annual Conference and Exhibition, February 21-23 in Las Vegas, NV. M/Flex provides tremendous flexibility for supporting up to six monitors from a single post (in any available configuration) or up to 12 monitors from two posts connected via crossbars in conjunction with Humanscale’s Para/Flex multi-monitor support system.

Monitor configurations in technology-intensive environments often need to change as rapidly as the technology itself. As part of M/Flex’s revolutionary, fully scalable system, in-field reconfigurations or additions can be made without disrupting the existing equipment by simply mounting additional arms or an additional row to the monitor supports already in place.

M/Flex’s innovation lies in its interchangeability. With this innovative design, users can choose a scalable platform to accommodate many monitor display applications (and their various specific hardware, desk configurations or multiple monitor requirements), including notebooks, touchscreens and monitors weighing up to 60 pounds each. All M/Flex systems use the award-winning M2 and M8 components, which are available in static or dynamic, short or long, single or dual link and straight or angled arm styles for many configurations to meet the user’s exact requirements. In addition, the dynamic M2 component uses a mechanical spring instead of a gas spring to greatly extend the life of the product. M/Flex’s 15-year warranty is evidence of its quality and durability.

The scalable M/Flex is an eco-conscious, long-lasting solution. With fewer parts, it is tremendously durable, since there are fewer components that can wear out or break over time. By utilizing fewer parts, M/Flex is lighter and smaller, which means that less material and energy are used in the manufacturing and shipping of the product. As a result, M/Flex is among the most sustainable monitor arm products ever created.

To complement any interior, M/Flex is available in Silver with Grey accents, Polished with White accents or all Black.

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