Humanscale Shows Element Vision™ LED Task Light at NeoCon East 2011

High-Performance, Dimmable Lighting Solution Delivers Exceptional Illumination


Karen Brooking

BALTIMORE, November 2, 2011Humanscale will showcase its innovative Element Vision LED task light at NeoCon East 2011. Featuring cutting-edge advancements in MCX LED Technology, Element Vision sets a new standard for lighting performance never before seen from an LED task light.

Designed by Humanscale Design Director Mark McKenna and the Humanscale Design Studio, Vision utilizes a round, multi-chip LED package that spreads out light evenly, minimizing the glare and shadows created by traditional LED task lights. It produces a uniform, broad footprint of warm, inviting 3000K illumination that casts just one shadow on the work surface. And with a minimum Color-Rendering Index (CRI) of 89, Vision delivers brilliant color and excellent light distribution.  

In addition to offering exceptional light quality, Vision reduces energy consumption and provides user controllability in a compact profile that enhances its task light capabilities. An intuitive dimmer switch located on top of the light head provides adjustable levels of illumination, allowing the user to customize light intensity according to each task and location. Additionally, a Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor automatically turns Vision off when the user leaves the area, and back on again when the user returns, thus saving energy.

The unique aesthetic of Vision is born from its simplistic heat-shedding design. A series of metal fins keeps the unit cool to optimize performance and extend the life of the LED system, which is rated for up to 50,000 hours—or 25 years in most single-shift work environments.

Built for exceptional sustainability, Vision is constructed primarily of eco-friendly aluminum, contains 74% recycled and 98% recyclable content, and ships in 70% recycled packaging. Due to its many energy-saving attributes, Vision can be integral to the achievement of a number of valuable LEED credits. Furthermore, unlike compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), Element Vision contains no mercury, lead or other hazardous materials and is compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).

Engineered with perfect internal counterbalance, Vision offers fingertip adjustability and effortless positioning without the friction knobs or rigid joints found on most other adjustable task lights. This encourages users to direct light exactly where it is needed and away from reflective surfaces.

For global purchasing flexibility, a single Vision SKU can be used around the world. This is accomplished through an interchangeable plug for electrical outlet compatibility in nearly every country, regardless of voltage. For added versatility, it is offered with multiple mounts, including a series of panel mounts for systems furniture.

Element Vision comes in three colors—White, Silver and Black—and will be available for purchase in August 2011 at a U.S. list price starting at $499.

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