Humanscale Presents Trea at IIDEX NeoCon 2011

New Chair Provides Unexpected Comfort in a Minimal Design


Karen Brooking

NEW YORK, September 22, 2011 — Humanscale will debut its stunning new Trea chair at IIDEX NeoCon 2011.  Complementing the elegant design and unsurpassed comfort of Humanscale’s Freedom, Liberty and Diffrient World task chairs, Trea’s clean aesthetics, unexpected comfort and wide-ranging applications will make Trea a perfect choice for hospitality, conference, guest, and even residential seating.

Designed by Todd Bracher, Trea achieves high-performance functionality in the most streamlined design possible. From the chair’s inception, Bracher intended that, “as in natural selection, the design should express only what is necessary and essential.” Building on Bracher’s vision for Trea, the Humanscale Design Studio incorporated its trademark ergonomic comfort and performance into the chair while concealing its advanced engineering to maintain the chair’s immaculate aesthetics. The name “Trea” is derived from the Latin word for “three” and is a nod to the three minimal components of the chair: its seat, back and frame.

A seamless combination of form and function, Trea offers visual restraint and natural comfort that make it ideal for many applications in almost any environment.

Fundamental to Trea’s performance is Humanscale’s innovative “solid state” recline mechanism. Hidden at the junction of the seat and backrest, this unique mechanism discretely mimics the hips’ natural movements during recline to provide easy postural changes, enhanced upper body support and unexpected comfort in its class.

As part of Humanscale’s long-standing commitment to sustainability and in keeping with Humanscale’s design philosophy, the Trea chair was designed and engineered to consume less of the Earth’s limited resources. Using post-consumer plastic, the Trea chair is made of 30% recycled and 99.5% recyclable content. With only three main parts and minor hardware, Trea’s light weight and minimal-part design further reduce its carbon footprint. 
Scheduled for production in the first quarter of 2012, Trea will be offered at a U.S. list price of $399 and will be available in multiple frame and shell colors, as well as an optional upholstered seat cushion for enhanced comfort and specifier flexibility.

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