Humanscale to Showcase Horizon LED Task Light at IIDEX Neocon 2011

Innovative Task Light is First to Feature Thin Film LED Technology


Karen Brooking


NEW YORK, September 22, 2011 — Humanscale will showcase Horizon, the first task light to utilize Thin Film LED Technology, at IIDEX NeoCon 2011.  Created by award-winning designers Peter Stathis and Michael McCoy, the sleek, high-performing Horizon LED task light pairs unprecedented LED technology with visually striking aesthetics to satisfy the focused lighting needs of any environment.

Horizon’s aesthetics represent two great traditions in modern design: platonic minimalism and organic form. Stathis and McCoy employ only three main components in Horizon’s design: an ultra-thin, rectangular lamp head; an elegant, round base; and a minimal support stem connecting the base and lamp head. An organic, membrane-like skin forms the cover for the lens and base, leaving no exposed wiring or mechanical fasteners to distract from the luminous beauty of the light. The resulting form is a unique hybrid of rectilinear and organic forms.

As the first task light to utilize the groundbreaking Thin Film LED Technology, Horizon overcomes the weaknesses of conventional LED task lights by offering brilliant color and excellent light distribution in a slender profile.   Floating a radically thin sheet of light above the desktop, Horizon’s technology uses a number of high-intensity micro LEDs that surround several layers of polycarbonate and optical films to create an ultra-wide footprint of warm, glare-free light.

Horizon’s built-in dimmer control offers seven levels of adjustable illumination, allowing users to customize light intensity according to each task and to individual preferences. The spherical joints in Horizon’s head and base facilitate smooth, fluid and effortless positioning. The lamp’s head offers a full range of adjustability in all directions and variable height control for exact positioning.

According to research at Cornell University, eyestrain is the top health-related complaint among office workers. Research by Brusking/Goldring shows that up to 80% of office workers experience at least one negative effect from poor lighting and 75% want more lighting control. By supplying the right amount of adjustable illumination for each user, task lights improve employee wellness and productivity, while reducing glare and computer vision syndrome—a condition causing eyestrain, eye fatigue, dry eyes, light sensitivity, blurred vision and headaches.

Engineered for incredible efficiency and hassle-free operation over its life span, Horizon consumes only nine watts of power and is rated for up to 50,000 hours of use, equal to 25 years in most single-shift work environments. Its advanced design dramatically minimizes the number of components and simplifies disassembly—making it one of the most environmentally friendly task lights available. Made predominantly of recycled aluminum, Horizon’s content is 95% recyclable. 

Horizon is available for purchase at a U.S. list price of $475.

Since its preview at NeoCon 2010, Horizon has garnered a collection of accolades that reflect its wide appeal: a Red Dot Award for Product Design; a Gold IDA Award; an FX International Interior Design Award; a Best of Boutique Award; an Interior Design Best of Year Award; a NeoCon East People’s Choice Award; a Buildings Magazine Innovations Award; and an IIDEX/NeoCon Canada Innovation Award.

About the Designers:

Peter Stathis, who considers lighting one of his life’s passions, is the former director of the graduate 3D Design Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art. He is also the founder of Virtual Studio, a San Francisco-based collaborative design studio, and his work is in the permanent collections of major museums nationally. His awards include the IDSA International Design Excellence Award, I.D. Magazine’s Annual Design Review, and the ICFF Editor’s Award.

Michael McCoy was the first recipient of the Smithsonian's Design Minds National Design Award for "affecting a paradigm shift in design thinking." His designs have been exhibited internationally, including London's Design Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. He has won more than 200 design awards for his work in furniture, interiors and product design.

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About Humanscale

Humanscale is the premier designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life. Achieving more with less, Humanscale’s product designs have been honored with more than 150 prestigious awards since 2007 and featured in various museums such as The Museum of Modern Art.

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