Humanscale's Paramount to be on Display at NeoCon 2010

Most Flexible, User-Friendly Multi-Monitor Display System Ever Designed


Karen Brooking

NOTE: Para/Flex was known as Paramount at the time of this release.


NEW YORK, June 4, 2010 — Paramount, Humanscale’s ultra-advanced multiple-monitor mounting system, will be on display at the 2010 NeoCon World’s Trade Fair, June 14 – 16 in Chicago. Specifically designed for the trading desk environment, Paramount is the easiest, most flexible way to display multiple monitors in a dynamic environment.

The frequent moves, add-ons and changes that occur in trading environments create numerous logistical problems, particularly when the number and size of monitors constantly change. This raises issues with installation, reconfiguration and the ability to accommodate the varied sizes of today’s standard and widescreen monitors. Current multi-monitor display systems require extra tools, additional parts, and considerable man-hours to install and reconfigure, causing significant downtime which comes at a high cost.

Paramount is the first multiple-monitor display that solves these problems and more. Thanks to its ingenious design, it installs and reconfigures in a snap, saving valuable time and manpower. While other multiple-monitor mounting systems take upwards of an hour or more to assemble and install, Paramount can be installed in less than 10 minutes. Even the longest required change—from a two-monitor configuration to eight, or vice versa—takes less than five minutes.

Paramount’s effortless reconfiguration is attributable to its integrated second-row crossbar. Thanks to its self-contained design, no additional tools or parts are required to switch from a one-row display to two. When required, the second-row crossbar simply raises up to support monitors on the upper row. If no longer needed, it moves quickly and easily back to its original position hidden behind the first row of monitors. And since the second-row crossbar adjusts independently, Paramount supports both widescreen and standard monitors in portrait or landscape views—virtually any monitor measuring up to 30 inches.

Each crossbar is equipped with double-hinged wings on each side, which easily unfold to accommodate three or four monitors or fold away to hide behind one or two monitors. When folded out, the wings adjust front-to-back to create a flat, curved, or U-shaped display. With the wings folded away, Paramount becomes compact enough to fit in any area at least 36 inches wide. Each monitor is mounted on a slider that glides effortlessly into the desired position, and an individual monitor fine-tune adjuster allows adjacent monitors to be perfectly aligned for a smooth, symmetrical appearance. Plus, monitor installation and removal is fast and easy via Humanscale’s innovative Quick Release ball joint.

In addition to independent second-row height adjustment, Paramount’s entire display adjusts up to 10 inches. A gear mechanism and hand crank provide mechanical assistance to allow the display to be easily raised or lowered, and its advanced design eliminates unwanted movement by holding its position when the hand crank is released.

Paramount offers rock-solid support that protects a company’s technology investment, regardless of the number or configuration of monitors. It supports monitors weighing up to 35 pounds each or a 200-pound total load, adding a new dimension of reliability to a multiple-monitor display. And with a variety of mounting options, Paramount easily installs in virtually any environment requiring multiple monitors.

Containing 48% recycled and 99% recyclable content, Paramount can be integral to the achievement of a number of valuable LEED credits. It carries a list price starting at $1600 and is backed by Humanscale’s 15-year, 24/7 warranty.

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