Tolomeo LED Task Light to be Available Through Humanscale

Iconic Task Light Becomes Newest Addition to Humanscale's Offerings


Karen Brooking

NEW YORK, March 25, 2010 — The new LED version of the iconic Tolomeo task light will now be distributed to the United States contract market through Humanscale. Through a partnership with Tolomeo manufacturer Artemide, the world leader in high-end residential and professional lighting, Humanscale will be the exclusive distributor of the Tolomeo LED task light to the U.S. contract market.

Designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina in 1987, Tolomeo has transcended time to become a symbol of modern Italian design. The LED version features the same signature design that has been the Tolomeo trademark for years, but the newest generation offers incredible light output and energy efficiency vastly superior to its predecessors. It consumes just 10 watts of power while producing as much light as 75 watts of incandescent lighting. And with a highly effective lens and five separate diodes tightly configured within the light source, the Tolomeo LED light casts just one shadow on the work surface—a trait few LED task lights can match.

The LED Tolomeo will be available in two sizes: Classic and Mini. The Tolomeo Classic is a full-size desktop task light that stands more than 50 inches tall when fully extended and provides up to 48 inches of horizontal reach. The Tolomeo Mini is 20% smaller than the Classic, standing 40 inches tall when fully extended and providing a 38-inch reach. Both come in three finish options—White, Black, and Polished Aluminum—and feature power switches on the base of the shade.

The LED Tolomeo will join the Element light in Humanscale’s line of ultra-efficient LED offerings, giving Humanscale two task lights that consume 10 watts of power or less. Introduced in July 2009, the Element light has already collected a number of prestigious awards for its unique design and breakthrough LED technology. Designed by Humanscale Design Director Mark McKenna, Element consumes just seven watts of power and produces a light output equivalent to 70 watts of incandescent lighting.

“With the addition of the iconic Tolomeo design to our offerings, I believe that Humanscale now has, by far, the strongest line-up of task lights—including high-efficiency LED—in the world,” says Humanscale Founder and CEO Robert King.

Currently lighting is responsible for 19% of global electricity consumption, causing it to be a huge culprit of CO2 emissions. But with the advancement of LED technology, lighting continues to move in an environmentally friendly direction. Heralded as the future of task lighting, LED technology consumes very little energy, provides superior illumination and lasts much longer than its current-generation counterparts. As such, older and less efficient lighting methods are expected to decrease in popularity, with halogen and incandescent task lights expected to all but disappear in roughly five to seven years.

The LED Tolomeo task light will be available to ship from Humanscale starting Jan. 1, 2010 and will be covered by a 2-year warranty.

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