Humanscale Sets New Bar With Ultra Simple Task Chair

Diffrient World Chair Combines Exceptional Design, Comfort and Sustainability


Karen Brooking


NEW YORK — Humanscale’s Diffrient World chair by legendary designer Niels Diffrient represents ultimate simplicity in a high-performance task chair, setting an exciting new bar in sustainable task seating due in great part to a significant new advancement in dynamic recline technology.

Made from just eight major parts and weighing less than 25 pounds, the Diffrient World chair achieves Humanscale’s signature weight-sensitive recline through an innovative new design that functions without a mechanism. Utilizing two frame components, the user’s body weight, and the laws of physics, the Diffrient World chair’s mech-free recline action automatically adjusts to the needs of each user, offering appropriate levels of resistance without unnecessary locks, dials or other manual controls.

Like its older sibling, the award-winning Liberty chair, the Diffrient World chair features Form-Sensing Mesh Technology that ensures perfect lumbar support for every user without the external, manually adjusted lumbar devices found on all other mesh chairs. Additionally, a mesh seat pan with a frameless front edge provides all-day comfort with soft support under the thighs.

By achieving high levels of performance and functionality with just 80 parts overall—less than one-third the parts of traditional task chairs—the Diffrient World chair is assured of long-term durability that far exceeds its competitors. Quite simply, fewer parts, controls and mechanisms translate into fewer things that can go wrong over time. As such, the Diffrient World chair is backed by an industry-best 15-year 24/7 warranty.

Additionally, the chair’s ultra-light weight and minimal-part design requires significantly less raw material and fewer manufacturing processes than its competitors. As a result, two to three Diffrient World chairs have the same overall environmental impact as a single traditional task chair. Its durability and modularity—for easy in-field upgrades—further minimize its carbon footprint to ensure a long life of service. And when the chair does finally need to be replaced, its simple, limited-part design makes disassembly a snap so that 95% of its components can easily be recycled.

The Diffrient World chair has already collected high praise from industry critics:

“Diffrient has created his ultimate chair, a concise version of his trusted concept of light frame and mesh back merged with the optimum in ergonomic features, proving once again that nothing beats someone engineering a chair while designing it.” —onoffice, “Orgatec report: Editor’s Choice, Best task chair”

“Striking design … simple but smart… nearly flawless—buy it now.” —Wired UK, “Rocking Chairs”

The Diffrient World chair offers fixed or adjustable armrests that move with the sitter for continuous ergonomic support during recline. An armless model is also available, along with an optional upholstered seat cushion that floats on a mesh support structure for exceptional sitting comfort.

Full production of the Diffrient World chair will begin in January 2010. List pricing starts at $740 and the chair will debut with three mesh styles, a variety of mesh colors, and black or white frame color options.

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